The Chicago Striders Track Club
Head Coach - Craig Collins

 Track and Field Nutrition Guide

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“Failure to load and replace fluids and nutrition can cause performance to deteriorate”

Eating Before Exercise/Competition:

“Eating well during training is just as important as eating well for competition.”

1.    Always eat a high carbohydrate breakfast:
     a.  Yes: toast, bagels, pancakes, muffins, (jam and jelly are o.k.), cooked or
          dry cereal, fruit, sports bars, low fat yogurt, or liquid meals.
     b.  No: fatty/ salty foods (bacon, sausage, cheese), foods high in fiber, gas-
          forming foods.


                    2.  Eat 1 to 4 hours prior to and in between competition:  
a.    Less than 1 hour between competitions: stick to water or sports drink.
    b.    1 hour prior to competition or 1 hour between events: high carbohydrate
                               Snack / 300 to 400 calories, i.e. fruit, fig bars, bagels, graham crackers, low fat yogurt,sports bars, liquid meals, and fluids.
c.    4 hours prior = high carbohydrate small meal / 700 to 800 calories and


                                                                         3.  Never try untested food before competition.    Test foods during practice.


4.  Liquid Meals: ex. Sport shake, ensure, etc.
a.    Great for in between events. Must have 1 hour in between to effectively
Digest the liquid meal.

“ Be sure to replace the fluids and nutrition lost after exercise and competition.”

~ You should be drinking 2 liters of fluid each day.  Remember most foods
     contain water.  
~NO Caffeine! (coffee, pop, etc.)
    ~You should drink 17 ounces of water or sports drink prior to competition.


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