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Call Head Coach Collins for additional information 773.480.0106 or email: coachccollins@gmail.com

OFF SEASON CONDITIONING AND TRAINING SESSIONS WITH COACH COLLINS ARE STILL AVAILABLE: Each session is 75-90 minutes long and focuses on the specific needs of each individual athlete. Even if your sport is not track & field, your athlete will benefit from these sessions.

Further enhance skills and abilities within the sport of track and field. Yes...you can be an awesome runner, jumper or thrower!

Contact Coach Collins for more details: call  ~  773.480.0106  or  E-mail  ~  coachccollins@gmail.com

 ** Track camp and practices are extremely important for the success and physical well being of our athletes. We ask that all athletes are on time and READY to work (and have fun!). Please wear appropriate clothing (shorts, t-shirts, sweats, running clothes, etc.) and shoes (running shoes or track shoes (spikes).

Junior Olympics Photos!


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